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Kinesis 2021.3

We hope you all had a great summer and got the chance to recharge the batteries.

Usually I would welcome you to the latest edition of Kinesis CI.  But this time it’s a little bit different.  Following our rebranding, I’m welcoming you to Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau!

After focussing on adding quality in the product we had just acquired with 2021.1 and then working on enhancing existing features in 2021.2, the theme of this release is evolving with new things that you have been requesting.

As always, our goal is to make sure you trust your Tableau analytics thanks to our automated testing solution.

Please read below for more information regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, changelogs and resolved issues.

We hope you enjoy it.  See you just before Christmas for 2021.4 🎅!

Take care and stay safe!

PS: Please note that you won’t be able to open projects with a previous release after they are opened with a new version of the application. Always make copies of your projects if you plan on using them with your current version.

New Features

Cross Environment Tests: Test in Bulk

I’m very happy to announce enhancements and evolutions made to Cross Environment Tests.  Probably the most requested features made by you!

The first enhancement is light but will save you a lot of time.  You now can add more than one Cross Environment Test task in a single test.

If your goal is to do regression testing between objects located on different sites and have different names, you now have the ability to compare these objects in a single test.


Pro tip!  Remember that all of our tests are saved in JSON format.  With a bit of scripting experience you can easily dynamically manage your tests and create tasks like these in bulk:


We also evolved by adding a new task: Multi Site Comparison.  If you have two sites that contain the same projects / contents and want to test a lot of viz in very few clicks, this is the task for you.

Here is an example.  You have Tableau 2021.2 in Production and the goal is to upgrade to 2021.3.  But first you want to test against regressions.

One option used by our customers is to backup a site in Production and then restore it on a different server for example: UAT.  Wiiisdom Ops will do the rest:

Select the entire site, project(s) or view(s):


The example below will test 189 views:


Final step is to choose a Target:


Watch this space.  There is more to come in the future regarding Cross Environment Tests!


Write Test Results to a Database

Another big request is about improving the reports of tests you have run.
Currently they are very detailed and informative.  But they are sometimes difficult to share and they cannot be customised.


We have decided to give you full flexibility on how you chose to document your test results, analyse the results and how to share them.

To do this, we introduce a new integration: PostgreSQL.
Simply configure the new integration:


And consume the data in Tableau for instance:


Hiding and Encrypting Sensitive User Defined Variables

If you are using Drive Browser tasks, you are likely using User Defined Variables to store your username and password.
It is now possible to encrypt User Defined Variables:


Assert SQL: Improving the Target Database tab

We have simplified the interface to manage your Database Connections to a minimum to save you time and effort.
Also you will find a Test Connection button to validate everything is configured properly instead of finding out during the test.


Note: As always, make sure you have saved your JDBC driver in the right folder.


Contexts: Personal Access Token (PAT)

We now support 3rd party authentications to Tableau which are not using the Tableau Identity Provider.
Using Drive Browser SSO and Personal Access Token (PAT) you can now fully use Wiiisdom Ops (Kinesis).


Dynamic port for the Tableau Canvas web server in the CLI

The CLI should now use a random available port to start the lightweight web server hosting the Tableau Canvas when no static port is provided.
We can use the “0” port: the OS will automatically bind the underlying socket to an available ephemeral port.
The default value for the “–web-port” argument is now ”0” instead of “3000” if not specified.
This will be great for those of you automating your tests for example with Jenkins.  Very useful also for parallel testing!



Support Tableau Server & Tableau Online 2021.3

Support Google Chrome 93 (chromebrowser update)

Note: If you are using an older version of Google Chrome you will have to downgrade your chromedriver in the Kinesis CLI folder. This is a simple copy/paste process, see the documentation or do not hesitate contacting support if you need assistance.

Change Logs

(no change logs in this release)

Resolved Issues

Issue ID



Timeout Exception during a login to Tableau when a Spanish user has access to multiple sites


Timed out receiving message from renderer severe/warning logs when running tests


Tests that end up in a Java error are stuck in running


Project field in the Context disappears when you test the connection


Deleting a task automatically saves changes


Cannot open context group error on project field reset


Large SQL query breaks the Assert SQL Equals task display


Some UI elements are not accessible when the test description is too long


Timeout taking a snapshot of Worksheet that only has Summary data


Unknown View in place of the View name in Cross Environment Test logs


Timeout taking a snapshot of Worksheet without data or a Dashboard using it


Integration form reset when opening a new integration


Regression Test fails checking the summary data of Dashboards without Worksheets


Projects with data sources are disabled in the Tableau Server Browser popup tree


Latency creating or deleting a context


The Used Defined Variables value field loses focus with each key press


Unable to use user defined context variables in password fields


Legacy events are still available in the list of excluded events


Assert Parameter Equals task fails when a boolean parameter is selected


Tableau Server Browser flattens the folder hierarchy of Tableau sites


Clear Session event missing from the Performance Test reports


Invalid Rule Definition error during an Assert Data Rules task


Publish to Tableau task fails with an Invalid task configuration error


Warn users trying to launch a quarantined Designer application on MacOS

🚨 We've rebranded! Kinesis-CI is now Wiiisdom Ops so you shouldn't be here anymore 😉