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Kinesis 2021.1

Welcome to the latest edition of your favorite automated testing framework for Tableau, Kinesis-CI!

Today is a special moment for all of us at 360Suite as it is the first release since the acquisition of this amazing solution with so much potential.

As you can imagine, going through a process like this involves a lot of work. From the behind scene refactoring you will not see but had to be done. To the technical improvements to make this product future proof and able to handle the roadmap we have in mind.

What’s new in this release?

You may have notice the versioning has changed from the old 1.8.x, 2.x versions to a quarterly numbering. You should expect from us one release every quarter from now on. When appropriate and necessary, we will also release incremental hotfixes.

Our Mac users will be pleased with seeing their solution at parity with the others on Windows and Linux.

Finally, please read below for more information regarding the new features, compatibility updates and changelogs.


Kinesis 2021.1.1



Support Tableau Server & Tableau Online 2021.1

Support Google Chrome 89 (chromebrowser)

Note: If you are using an older version of Google Chrome – E.g. 88 – you will have to downgrade your chromedriver in the Kinesis CLI folder. This is a simple copy/paste process, do not hesitate contacting support if you need assistance.

Enhancements & Resolved Issues

Issue ID



Resolved a bug where test statistics were showing the status of the oldest test instead of the most recent one


Resolved an bug returning a timeout when taking a snapshot of an empty Dashboard not containing any Worksheets

New Features

Context Creation: Default Values

The creation of contexts introduces new default values:

  • Tableau Server URL*: http://
  • Tableau Version*: [latest supported version of Tableau] – in this release Tableau Server 2020.4

Test Reports: Sorting Order

Once a test has run a report is generated by Kinesis summarizing the tasks that have run and if they have passed or failed.

These reports are now sorted in descending order based on the completion date / time.


Cross Environment Regression Test: Source & Target Contexts

One area of Kinesis Designer needing some TLC is the Cross Environment test. The source (formerly the basic tab) environment wasn’t flexible enough and the target screen was repetitive and misleading. In this release we introduce the following enhancements:

New: Source tab

  • Simply select a context from your list of available contexts. Or simply chose to always use whichever is the Active Context.

New: Target tab

  • No more typing and misleading behaviors. Again, simply select a context from your list of available contexts. Or simply chose to always use whichever is the Active Context.

Warning: These changes introduce new properties in the kinesis.json file of your test. Projects saved in 2021.1 will no longer open in earlier versions. Please take a backup of your projects before using a new version of Kinesis.

Email Notifications: Multiple recipients

Email notifications can now be send to multiple recipients by using a comma separator.



Description Fields: Consistency within Kinesis Designer

The Description field is now a consistently optional field everywhere in Kinesis Designer.

E.g.: Create New Project


Debug Window

  • Debug information will now text wrap for easier reading
  • A new and clearly visible vertical scroll bar will appear when necessary



Tableau Server & Online 2020.4

Google Chrome 88 (chromebrowser)




Active Contexts

Prior to Kinesis 2021.1, closing a project would reset the active context to the first one in the list. Kinesis will now remember which context was last active when reopening your project.

Warning: This change introduces a new property in the project.json file. Projects saved in 2021.1 will no longer open in earlier versions. Please take a backup of your projects before using a new version of Kinesis.

In the event where you would want to use a project saved in Kinesis 2021.1 with an earlier version of Kinesis, follow these steps:

  1. Make a copy of project.json for backup purposes
  2. Open project.json in a text editor
  3. Delete the trailing comma on the “contextDir” line
  4. Delete the entire “activeContextGroupKey” line
  5. Save


Kinesis 2021.1

“kinesisVersion”: “2.1.0”,
“name”: “Kinesis_Tableau_Server”,
“description”: “Kinesis_Tableau Server”,
“srcDir”: “src”,
“jobDir”: “Kinesis”,
“contextDir”: “context”,
“activeContextGroupKey”: “Tableau_Server_(Prod).json”

Pre-Kinesis 2021.1

“kinesisVersion”: “2.1.0”,
“name”: “Kinesis_Tableau_Server”,
“description”: “Kinesis_Tableau Server”,
“srcDir”: “src”,
“jobDir”: “Kinesis”,
“contextDir”: “context”

Enhancements & Resolved Issues

Issue ID



Login to Tableau task fails when Tableau Home page has a custom name


Regression Tests failing when SSO is enabled on Tableau


Login to Tableau task fails when the user’s Tableau Start Page is the “Explore” page


Assert SQL Equals task fails when a worksheet has at least 10 columns


“License expired” on Invalid Date error message trying to activate a code


Remove the unused Role field in Performance Tests


Empty filter names in snapshots taken for Tableau 2020.4


Unable to run tests with “&” in their names


Chromedriver popup ignores the Window Size option when tests are ran in the Designer


Timeout taking a snapshot of views without data


Cannot connect to Tableau Server using self-signed/internal CA signed SSL certificates


ECONNREFUSED error taking a new snapshot


Error “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process” in a Refresh Data Extracts task


Unable to view the content of a Performance Test report in an external browser


Password of failed login attempts are visible in the Sample Logs of Performance Tests


Unable to save Functional Tests with an Assert Data Rules task using the default values


Regression Tests are not reading the URL/Site values from the Context


Password in clear text displayed in the logs of a Refresh Data Extract task


Publish to Tableau task uploads more than the file size for large Workbooks


Exception finding project while running a Refresh Data Extracts task for the Default project


Publish to Tableau task fails if the Tableau Project has a space it its name


Tableau Server Browser bottom-right Ok button doesn’t do anything


Unable to save a Publish to Tableau task in a Functional Test: “Job is not valid”


Unable to save a Publish to Tableau task in a Functional Test: “should be equal to one of the allowed values”

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