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Kinesis CI 1.6 offers cutting-edge new features to cover your BI testing needs from A to Z, including brand new regression and cross environment testing and flexible formula editor in Assert Data Rules.

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Maintain Dashboard Functionality at All Times

New Feature - Regression Testing
Regression Testing

With the new Regression Testing, you can validate your dashboards on a continuous basis to ensure user requirements are met at all times. Detect issues immediately and locate them more easily, to eliminate downtime and impact on your organization.

Test for regression of your dashboards when new features are developed and rolled-out or test existing dashboards automatically after server or software upgrades to ensure functionality and layout is maintained.

Test Across Tableau Sites and Server

New Feature - Cross Environment Testing
Cross Environment Testing

With the new Cross-Environment Testing you can test dashboards across Tableau environments, like development and production sites or servers.

Ensure dashboards are fully validated before deployed to your prod environment for your business users or deploy fully tested dashboards automatically with Continuous Delivery.

Enhanced Data Validation

New Formula Editor in Assert Data Rules
Formula Editor in Assert Data Rules

The enhanced Assert Data Rules task enables you to run data validation rules based on fully flexible formulas. Our formula editor features a wide range of options to test calculation logic behind your visualizations, as well keeping your data in check as your Tableau dashboards are refreshed.

The flexible formula editor picks up columns and data fields and offers a range of formulas, to validate all your calculations on your Tableau dashboards.

Effortless Set-up of Test Cases

Tableau Snapshots to Fill-in Test Parameters
Tableau Snapshots

Fill-in Kinesis test parameters in seconds with our new snapshot taking feature. Kinesis CI downloads metadata from your Tableau dashboards and stores within a test case, so that you can pick-up test parameters in seconds, no need to look up complicated data fields, filter or parameter names.

When you take a snapshot of your dashboard, data columns, filters, parameters will be stored in Kinesis within a test case and you can easily pick-up your test parameters from an intuitively designed list.

The new snapshot tool makes test setup easier and faster.

Track Test Runs with Chromedriver

New Default Web driver

Kinesis tests are now run with Chromedriver as a default web driver, so you can track your test runs when building up your test plan in Kinesis CI.

Chromedriver also offers greater compatibility and flexibility to use with your company standard software.

Fast & Easy Set-Up of Automated Test Runs and Testing Schedules

Code Export for Integration Support
Code Export for Integration Support

Export code snippets with a keystroke to create automated test plans in Windows Scheduler or Cron and run you Kinesis tests with the Continuous Integration tool of your choice.

Simply copy and paste the piece of code generated in Kinesis CI to run all your test cases on a scheduled basis in Windows, Linux or MacOS or create a CI pipeline in the CI tool of your choice and set up alerts to be in the know about any issues affecting your Tableau dashboards

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Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.11 (Maintenance Release – April 23, 2018)

Tableau Server 2018.1 compatibility
Row count test in Assert Data Rules task
Option to exclude null values in Assert Data Rules task
SQL Editor appearing in dedicated modal to make easier editing long queries
Configurable list of required items when taking snapshots
Fixed issue when cannot login to Tableau with Active Directory in DOMAIN\USERNAME format
Improved figures and naming in summary statistics
Fixed issue when trial license not generated correctly with the Command Line Interface

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.10 (Maintenance Release – March 19, 2018)

Chrome 65 compatibility
Fixed issue when service ports were not released property when taking snapshots. [EADDRINUSE, Address already in use] error

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.9 (Maintenance Release – March 12, 2018)

Fixed issue when Performance Test task was not started in same scenarios
Minor enhancement of functionality and bugfixes

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.8 (Maintenance Release – March 6, 2018)

Added Assert Worksheets Exist task into Functional Tests to check existence of given worksheets on a dashboard

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.7 (Maintenance Release – March 5, 2018)

Kinesis Home directory is now detected automatically in Kinesis Designer on Windows so don’t need to update it manually when upgrading to a newer version

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.6 (Maintenance Release – February 26, 2018)

Fixed issue when following tasks after a success Switch Tab tasks were not working as expected
Detailed progess notifications in non-headless mode when taking snapshots and when running tests
Set Chromedriver as default in every new Kinesis Designer installation
Option to limit the number of data rows in data comparison tasks to avoid long running tests

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.5 (Maintenance Release – February 19, 2018)

Java 9 is now supported

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.4 (Maintenance Release – February 19, 2018)

Updated test runner, now there is an option to continue test runs on failure
Option to generate trial license from command line utility
Added help messages in Kinesis Designer to guide users for test setup and license generation

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.3 (Maintenance Release – February 5, 2018)

Support Rest API 2.7 (Tableau Server 10.4) and Rest API 2.8 (Tableau Server 10.5)
Fixed an issue when form elements with search button cannot update manually

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.2 (Maintenance Release – Janurary 10, 2018)

Use timeout value from Settings when scanning Tableau view
Fixed issue on console when it did not auto-scroll to bottom when new messages appeared
Removed feedback button in MacOS version

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6.1 (Maintenance Release – January 10, 2018)

Fixed issue when locale settings not passed correctly to phantomjs in the UI
Fixed issue when error message not displayed on importer modal
Fixed issue when locale setting was not passed on to webdriver correctly

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.6 (December 17, 2018)

Introduced new test type property (Functional Test, Regression Test, Cross-Environment Test and Performance Test) when adding a new test case
Added optional URL parameters input box when selecting items from Tableau Server file tree browser
Adjusted tests so that only one Regression or Performance test can be added in one test case
Replaced dropdown boolean items on forms with radio buttons
Set Chromedriver to default webdriver
In Settings/License added option for users to generate trial license
Changed data label Underlying to Full
Added window size option to Settings with common display resolutions list
Assert Data Rules: Added option to choose between Summary and Full data
Changed task schemas to reflect new documentation site
Added new Tableau connection image
Added Discover sidebar with useful links on right hand side on welcome page
Fixed issue when data not rendered correctly in Regression test reports with missing rows and unordered columns
Fixed issue when using SSO/SAML Tableau importer returned a time out
Added batch-reports folder to save reports when running all tests from Windows Scheduler or Crontab
Hide JSON tab in regression tests to avoid hanging in the UI, caused by very large JSON file with Tableau snapshots and metadata

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.5

Fixed an issue when opening the JSON tab changed the passwords in the original json files
Added Search Parameters feature to Set Parameter task
Added new Parameter Equals task for users to be able to validate Tableau parameter settings
Added new icons for data and image importer
Added columns and formatted values options to Assert SQL Equals task to test only a user specified list of columns
Added WebDriver option in Settings for users to choose from Chromedriver or Phantomjs (default is Chromedriver