Performance Testing For Tableau Dashboards

Drive Load to Your Tableau Server and Assess Response Time and Reliability

Performance Testing for Tableau Dashboards

With Performance Testing you drive load to your Tableau Server and assess response time and availability. Furthermore, you define SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) with multiple goals such as Performance GoalAvailability Goal or Apdex Score.

Testing with up to 100 concurrent clients generating load on your Tableau Server. Focusing on specific dashboards to keep performance in check or include a number of dashboards in the Performance Test to get an overall picture of the performance of the Tableau Server.

Kinesis CI measures the Apdex score when running the Performance Test and compares it to the Apdex score you set based on your requirements to determine passing or failure. You flexibly set your Response Time and Availability Goal for each of the tests based on your users’ requirements. Apdex is then calculated based on the below formula and gives a number between 0 and 1, where 1 is the best outcome

apdex formula
Apdex formula

The results are visualised in a number of different formats and attached to the test report. Moreover, they are easy to read and interpret.

If you want to implement performance tests on your Tableau server, download the Kinesis Suite today! And for more information on Performance Testing, please refer to the online documentation.

Note that Performance Testing is not compatible with Single Sign-On. Therefore, to conduct Performance Testing on your Tableau Server you’ll need to turn off SSO for the time of testing

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