Kinesis CI 1.8 is out

We are happy to announce the new Kinesis 1.8 offering break-through innovation in Business Intelligence testing. The new release enables you to implement Continuous Delivery pipelines for Tableau dashboards. You can publish Tableau workbooks and data sources with changing data base connection details and migrate Tableau files between Tableau Environments.

See below a highlight of the new features:

  • Deployment of Tableau Workbooks and data sources: publish Tableau dashboards to different Tableau environments connecting to different data sources with different credentials and migrate dashboards between Tableau environments. This enables true Continuous Delivery for your Tableau projects. Cover your dashboards with a range of test cases set up in Kinesis and deploy them automatically to your next environment for Staging or Production.
  • Improved Performance Testing: Drive Loadto your Tableau Server and assess response time against your SLA requirements based on load time and availability for your specific dashboards. The enhanced Performance Testing is compatible with the newest versions of Tableau on Windows, as well as on Linux.
  • Server Admin role no longer required no longer required for browsing the content of Tableau Server: Set up your test cases easily in the UI with the ability to browse the content of your Tableau Server and simply select Tableau dashboards to test with a mouse click. You can now also access data sources this way for example for publishing purposes, not only workbooks. Create snapshots in Kinesis to be able to use the metadata behind your dashboards when setting up test cases.
  • Support for “New Browsing Experience” in the newest Tableau versions: Kinesis CI now fully supports the new layout of Tableau, so when you upgrade to the newest releases, you’ll be able to continue testing with Kinesis CI.

For the complete list of new features and improvements please visit our release page here . Download the new version from