Kinesis CI 1.7 is out

We are excited to announce the new Kinesis CI 1.7 with improved functionalities including built-in integrations with your e-mail service, Slack and Rollbar to enable you to send instant messages on your Kinesis test runs, regression testing for multiple dashboards and a lot more.

. See below a highlight of the new features:

  • Integrations: Integrate Kinesis CI with e-mail service, Slack or Rollbar for real-time information to receive instant messages when a Kinesis test run starts, passes or fails
  • Regression Testing for Multiple dashboards: With the upgraded Regression Testing you can include multiple dashboards within one Regression Test. This feature will help you tackle setting up test cases faster and more efficiently, where a number of dashboards need to be tested at the same time
  • Configurable Snapshots: Configure Data Collected when Taking Snapshots with the new snapshot options, so that you can collect only data you need or have access to in Tableau for your test cases
  • User Friendly SQL Editor: With the new SQL Editor Pop-up in Assert SQL Equals you can write the SQL command to query your data source in a user-friendly SQL editor to make your SQL easier to edit and oversee.
  • Row Count Test in Assert Data Rules: Verify the number of rows on your worksheets and dashboards to identify blank worksheets and verify Tableau dashboard scenarios where worksheets appear and disappear based on user selection, as well as control data added to or taken away from your dashboards.

For the complete list of new features and improvements please visit our release page here . Download the new version from