Functional Testing for Tableau Dashboards

Make Sure your Tableau Dashboards Always Look Great and Display Accurate Data

Functional Testing in Kinesis CI enables you to test components of your Tableau dashboards i.e. filters, parameteres, marks, the underlying data against the content of your database / datasource, against expected results or based on a set of user defined rules and also the layout of your dashboards.

Functional Testing works similar to users navigating on Tableau dashboards and you need to use tasks to model the steps in your test cases.

Every test case in Functional Tests is made up by a series of tasks, to give you the flexibility to model how Tableau reports are used by members of your organization.

When running a test case, Kinesis follows the tasks in the sequence you’ve set them up. If a task is a failure, your test stops running at the first failed task and the test case returns a failure.

Setting up Tasks in Functional Testing

Tasks can be added to each of your Tests within your Kinesis project. Tasks are the testing steps you would like to follow within your Tests and can relate to the underlying data, logging in to Tableau Server, opening visualizations and testing components on of your workbooks.

Note that a number of tasks have pre-dependencies, i.e. tasks that have to be successfully run prior to the given tasks. For further information on the various Kinesis tasks in Functional Testing, please refer to our documentation.

Tests can be executed either directly from the Designer interface or using the Kinesis command line tool.

functional testing for tableau
You can quickly create Functional Tests with the Designer

If you want to implement Functional Tests on your Tableau server, download the Kinesis Suite today! For more information on Functional Testing, please refer to the online documentation

If your company uses Single Sign-On to login to Tableau Server, you will need to include a Drive Browser (SSO) Task before the Cross-Environment Test, to enable Kinesis CI to log-in through your custom login.

Note that you have to customise the commands, depending on your company’s SSO implementation or corporate settings. The template available in Kinesis CI covers the most common SSO implementations.

For more information please check the Drive Browser (SSO) Task and Single Sign-On chapters in the documentation.