How iVantage Health Analytics Leveraged a Partnership with Kinesis CI to Develop Analytical Insights Designed to Optimize Care Delivery to Patients Across the Country

The mission at iVantage Health Analytics is to materially improve the delivery of healthcare in the world. Through an array of integrated strategic and performance management capabilities, iVantage Health Analytics lives out that mission by providing clients analytics, insight and support to help them achieve sustainable performance improvement.

iVantage Health Analytics has a daily impact on patient care by delivering transformational value through unparalleled views into trends, performance and strategy. Through unmatched product design informed by a deep understanding of hospital operations, performance management and healthcare strategy, iVantage Health Analytics delivers actionable insights that empower their clients to come together, take action and achieve the next level of performance.

Critical Reports Require Efficient Validation

One of the key core competencies at iVantage Health Analytics is effectively battling complexity with iron-clad accuracy. iVantage Health Analytics’ clients rely on and expect exacting methodology that delivers accuracy that is unmatched in the industry.

To validate data and functional requirements, iVantage Health Analytics was previously using a combination of manual testing and scripts developed in-house to fetch data from Tableau Server and compare it to expected results or previously downloaded data. This process was quite lengthy, requiring qualified personnel to spend days on testing and running checks on hundreds of csv files, as well as increased the potential for error. In addition, test output was stored in different formats in different places, results were often difficult to understand and to draw conclusions from.

With Kinesis CI, iVantage Health Analytics managed to streamline testing their Tableau dashboards. The tool is capable of testing functional requirements, such as filters, parameters and simulating complete user journeys on dashboards, as well as validating the underlying data multiple ways.

Creating a Comprehensive BI Test Plan with Kinesis

iVantage Health Analytics is now able to validate data displayed on Tableau dashboards against the underlying data source powering the dashboards, using the Assert SQL Equals functionality in Kinesis CI. With an SQL command, they can query their data source and the data delivered by the SQL query will be compared to the data displayed on the Tableau dashboards at the moment of running the test case. Kinesis CI is able to connect to most data sources using JDBC drivers. Issues with data update or database connection problems can be therefore identified and resolved very quickly.

Data can also be validated based on defined rules, using formulas in Kinesis CI. With this functionality, iVantage Health Analytics is able to test Tableau calculation logic and various requirements towards displaying data. In addition to validating the correctness of calculations and data displayed, for iVantage Health Analytics this feature is used to make sure regulatory requirements are met at all times.

Functions providing interactivity, such as filters, parameters or user actions, and drilldown can also be tested in Kinesis CI. These functionalities are widely used by iVantage Health Analytics clients. To verify dashboard functionality, the existence of filters and parameters, as well as the filter and parameter values are tested on a regular basis with Kinesis.

Kinesis CI is versatile and flexible, functionality can be supplemented by external scripts created by users. iVantage Health Analytics is able to edit and update test plans programmatically, saving additional time.

Moving to an Automated Solution with Integration through Version Control and Continuous Integration

To track changes made by BI developers, iVantage Health Analytics has put a number of their Tableau dashboards under version control. When changes are made to Tableau workbooks, developers commit the changes and push it to the version control system (VCS), describing the changes in a commit message. This way the change log is easy to track and team members can collaborate more efficiently. Within Kinesis CI users can integrate Tableau workbooks with their test cases and put them under version control, so not only the Tableau workbooks, but also the test cases that belong to the workbooks can be tracked in a VCS. In case changes are made to the Tableau workbooks, tests can verify that the existing functionality is intact. Kinesis CI brings test driven development into the BI space, an approach which has being widely used for many years by software developers in other fields.

Test runs can be automated with Windows Scheduler, Crontab and Kinesis CI can be integrated with third party continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo or others.

iVantage Health Analytics has now set up retrospective test cases for their existing dashboards and, going forward for new dashboards, will be implementing a test-driven development practice. QA is already in place at the development stage which saves a lot of time down the line after deploying live dashboards for clients.

With functional testing in Kinesis CI iVantage Health Analytics can now ensure their clients have access to data with market leading accuracy, providing crucial insight into healthcare performance.

For Tableau Server upgrade from Tableau 10.4 to tableau 10.5, iVantage Health Analytics used Cross- Environment testing in Kinesis CI. Tests were set up to compare dashboards on the new and the old server automatically to each other. This has accelerated testing and brought up formatting and other issues that would have taken much longer to realize and resolve without automated testing.

Achieving a Competitive Edge through Efficient Testing

In today’s ever-increasingly complex healthcare environment providers must have visibility into enterprise-wide performance, and access to fully transparent and accurate data across all domains to optimize their strategic position as well as operational and clinical performance. iVantage Health Analytics is well positioned to help organizations obtain this necessary visibility based through an array of next level technology. With a partnership and utilization of Kinesis CI core capabilities, iVantage Health Analytics maintains a market edge over the competition by delivering leading edge accuracy and methodological integrity.