Cross Environment Testing for Tableau

Test your Tableau Dashboards Across Tableau Environments

With Cross – Environment Testing you can compare the actual status of a Tableau View in a given Tableau environment to the actual status of the same Tableau View in another Tableau environment (i.e. different sites or servers for dev or prod etc.) or simply two versions of the same dashboard saved on the server.

With this test you can cross-check data on your Tableau Views, the layout of your dashboards, the existence of worksheets, columns, filters and parameters, as well as any changes to columns, filter and parameter values between a source and a target environment.

The Source Tableau environment is set as Active Connection in Context Variables and the other environment can be set in the Target Environment Tab.

Setting up Cross-Environment tests is very easy. You simply specify the source viz url and the target viz url in Kinesis CI with a few clicks and you can then periodically run the Cross-Environment test suite to compare the chosen dashboard across your Tableau environments.

Test Setup

Our user-friendly UI, Kinesis Designer makes it simple to create new Cross-Environment tests: simply specify the url of the source Tableau viz, picking up from the Tableau file tree. Select the tests you would like to include, such as checking worksheets, data columns, data, layout, filters, filter data types and filter values and the same for parameters.

You can flexibly design your cross-environment tests, so that you run checks on the items that are not expected to change across the two versions of the viz.

After setting up the source environment, you’ll need to set up the target environment, by specifying user credentials and the url for the target viz.

Tests can be executed either directly from the Designer interface or using the Kinesis command line tool.

cross-environment testing for tableau
You can quickly create Cross-Environment tests with the Designer



If you want to implement Cross-Environment tests on your Tableau server, download the Kinesis Suite today! For more information on Cross Environment Testing for Tableau, please refer to the online documentation.

If your company uses Single Sign-On to login to Tableau Server, you will need to include a Drive Browser (SSO) Task before the Cross-Environment Test, to enable Kinesis CI to log-in through your custom login.

Note that you have to customise the commands, depending on your company’s SSO implementation or corporate settings. The template available in Kinesis CI covers the most common SSO implementations.

For more information please check the Drive Browser (SSO) Task and Single Sign-On chapters in the documentation.