Kinesis CI 1.8 is out
15th February 2019|Announcements, Releases | 2 Min Read
We are happy to announce the new Kinesis 1.8 offering break-through innovation in Business Intelligence testing. The new release enables you to implement Continuous Delivery pipelines for Tableau dashboards. You can publish [...]
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Kinesis CI 1.7 is out
5th June 2018|Announcements, Releases | 2 Min Read
We are excited to announce the new Kinesis CI 1.7 with improved functionalities including built-in integrations with your e-mail service, Slack and Rollbar to enable you to send instant messages on your Kinesis test runs, regression testing for multiple [...]
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Kinesis CI 1.6 is out
28th February 2018|Announcements, Releases | 1 Min Read
We are excited to announce the new Kinesis CI 1.6 with improved functionalities including Regression and Cross Environment Testing and a lot more. See below a highlight of the new [...]
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