Automated Testing for Tableau

Easy and efficient BI testing with Kinesis CI, so that you can always trust your Tableau dashboards.

Publishing and Migrating with Changing Data Source Connections, True Continuous Delivery

The new Kinesis CI 1.8 is out

What is Kinesis CI?

Kinesis is a test framework that adds automated testing and continuous integration capability to your Tableau Server.

We produce quality automated testing tools for BI developers and analysts to save time and effort and reduce the high costs of repetitive manual testing, by shortening your BI development cycle and increasing reliability of your BI dashboards.

Kinesis CI is a highly modular and flexible tool to cover your BI testing needs from A to Z.

Regression Testing
  • Validate your dashboards on a continuous basis.
  • Test automatically after Tableau or server upgrades.
  • Ensure user requirements are met in terms of functionality and layout at all times.
  • Detect issues immediately and locate them more easily.
Functional Testing
  • Test every step in your BI workflow.
  • Validate data against expected results and calculations or directly against your underlying data source.
  • Simulate user journeys and clicks as well as interactions.
  • Integrate your tests with a CI pipeline and run after every change to validate your dashboards.
Cross Environment Testing
  • Test your dashboards across environments (i.e. development and production).
  • Ensure dashboards are fully validated before deployed to your prod environment for your business users.
  • Deploy fully tested dashboards automatically with Continuous Delivery.
Performance Testing
  • Drive load to your Tableau Server and measure response time against SLA requirements.
  • Determine capacity needs and accelerate long testing efforts for server upgrades and new releases.
  • Ensure SLA requirements are met at all times.

    Deployment & Compatibility


    Design test cases locally, run it with OS task schedulers or integrate it with the CI server of your choice
    Kinesis Designer

    Build and run test cases in an easy-to-use user interface

    Command Line Interface

    Used for running tests, enables automated test runs and continuous integrations

    Operating Systems

    Compatible with main operating systems

    Version Control & Continuous Integration

    Compatible with main version control and continuous integration tools (Git, Subversion, Jenkins, TeamCity)

    Database integrations

    Compatible with all database solutions with a JDBC driver

    Continuous Integration for Business Intelligence

    Automated testing is key to increase productivity, eliminate regressions and maintain high quality of reports.
    Our test tool can be integrated with continuous integration services to make testing integral part of your development workflow.

    Test Driven Business Intelligence

    Testing Should be Part of Your BI Software Development Lifecycle

    Modern software development requires automated testing

    In most areas of software development, adopting CI and other agile methodologies have changed the way people test. Development teams are required to do more testing, faster and more often.

    Testing is done earlier in the development lifecycle and the focus is on automated testing as developers try to move away from manual testing.

    Business Intelligence testing creates unique challenges

    Testing Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence (DW/BI) applications is different from testing traditional transactional applications as it requires data-centric testing approach and you need to work with third party BI tools. The volume, variety and complexity of the data make it difficult to create robust test cases and specialized skills are required to execute data validation and verification process.

    Evolve your BI project to Agile


    Deploy fully tested dashboards automatically to Production with Continuous Delivery.

    • Performance/ Stress Testing
    • Testing BI Software Upgrades
    Automated deployment
    /Continuous Delivery

    With Kinesis CI you can be on top of your data and ensure user requirements are met at all times. Detect issues immediately and locate them more easily.

    • Regression Testing
    • Integration Testing
    Automating previously manual tests
    DataViz Experts

    Integrate newly developed dashboards or features regularly into a shared repository and verify with an automated build to identify potential issues immediately.

    • Functional Testing
    • Version Control
    Continuous Integration
    BI Developers

    Integrate your tests with a CI pipeline in minutes and let it run all the testing jobs for you after every new commits or whenever you want to.

    • Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    Test Driven Development

    Integration with Company Standard Software Development Tools

    Our Customers

    Customer Story

    See how iVantage Health Analytics Leveraged a Partnership with Kinesis CI to Develop Analytical Insights Designed to Optimize Care Delivery to Patients Across the US.




    • Test Designer User Interface
    • Integrated Version Control
    • Test Runner CLI
    • Regression Test



    • Test Designer User Interface
    • Integrated Version Control
    • Test Runner CLI
    • Regression Test
    • Cross Environment Test


    Contact Sales

    • Test Designer User Interface
    • Integrated Version Control
    • Test Runner CLI
    • Product Support
    • Regression Test
    • Cross Environment Test
    • Functional Test
    • Performance Test
    • Support

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