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Kinesis CI 1.7 offers cutting-edge new features, including the brand new, built-in integrations with your e-mail service, Slack and Rollbar to enable you to send instant messages on your Kinesis test runs, regression testing for multiple dashboards, to efficiently tackle regression testing for a number of dashboards, flexible setting of Date Filters and enhancements of functionality for Assert Data Rules and Assert SQL Equals tasks.

Test if Your Data is Up To Date with Dynamic Date Filters and Data Testing

Dynamic Setting of Date Filters and Flexible Assert Data Rules
Dynamic Date Filter Setting and Flexible Daterange Tests

Set Daterange Filters Dynamically, relative to today’s date, to capture data updates day by day within your test cases

Use Assert Data Rules task to verify if today’s or yesterday’s or any other date is included in our data. Be sure data is updated on your Tableau dashboards and you present accurate and current information to your stakeholders. With added flexibility for Assert Data Rules, you can adjust the scope of your data tests and verify if your data contains certain values.

Test if Your Data is Up To Date with Dynamic Date Filters and Data Testing

Dynamic Setting of Date Filters and Flexible Assert Data Rules
Slack, E-mail and Rollbar Integration

Integrate Kinesis CI with your corporate Slack or e-mail system, to receive instant messages when a Kinesis test run starts, passes or fails. Be in the know of the status of your Tableau dashboards and get notified of test failures instantly. Track errors and crashes with Rollbar efficiently.

With the built-in Slack, e-mail and Rollbar integrations, Kinesis CI can post real-time channel messages to Slack or Rollbar or send e-mails to BI teams and stakeholders with the content you require.

Test Multiple Dashboards for Regression at Once

Regression Testing for Multiple Dashboards
Multiple Dashboards in Regression Testing

With the upgraded Regression Testing you can include multiple dashboards within one Regression Test. This feature will help you tackle setting up test cases faster and more efficiently, where a number of dashboards need to be tested at the same time.

Use regression testing for multiple dashboards when dashboards need to be verified on a continuous basis for data, layout and functionality. Test the content of your Tableau server for regression in case of a Tableau Server upgrade.

Enhanced Data Validation

Row Count Test in Assert Data Rules
Verifying the Number of Rows on your Worksheets

Verify the number of rows on your worksheets and dashboards to test your data from multiple perspective. Row count tests help you identify blank worksheets and verify Tableau dashboard scenarios where worksheets appear and disappear based on user selection, as well as control data added to or taken away from your dashboards.

The Row Count Test in Assert Data Rules is designed to verify the number of rows on a worksheet based on simple mathematical rules, such as equal to, smaller or greater than your expected value.

User Friendly SQL Editor

SQL Editor Pop-up in Assert SQL Equals
SQL Editor in Assert SQL Equals

Make sure your dashboards show the correct, most up-to-date data at all times and verify the data displayed on your dashboards to the underlying data source. With the Assert SQL Equals task, you can query your data source with an SQL command to compare data in your data source to the data displayed on your dashboards.

With the enhancements in Kinesis CI, you can write the SQL command to query your data source in a user-friendly SQL editor to make your SQL easier to edit and oversee.

Configure Snapshots

Configure Data Collected when Taking Snapshots
Flexible Snapshot Content

Collect only data you need for your snapshots in Kinesis CI to be used in Regression, Functional and Cross-Environment tests. With new flexible snapshot options, you can now exclude data you don’t need or don’t have access to in Tableau for your test cases. This way you can work around any potential access restrictions to download certain data or make snapshot taking faster.

When taking snapshots, you can easily select the data to include in your snapshots and you can configure your test cases based on the data.

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Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.7.6 (Maintenance Release – November 12, 2018)

Tableau Server 2018.3 compatibility
Site admin role is not required any more to view server content
In Cross-Environment and Regression testing, expected/baseline and actual differences are shown side by side
Added optional JDBC parameters field to Assert SQL Equals task
Upgraded Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver to support Integrated Authentication
Upgraded ChromeDriver to 2.42 and set Chrome 69 as the minimal

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.7.5 (Maintenance Release – October 24, 2018)

In Performance testing, added optionally excludable events from Performance, Availability and APDEX score calculations
Increased maximum canvas timeout in Settings to 900 seconds and added validation
In Cross-Environment testing, Target Site is now optional and can be left blank for the Default site
*|TESTED_VIZZES|* merge tag is now available also for regression, cross-environment and performances tests

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.7.3 (Maintenance Release – October 2, 2018)

Fixed issue when timeout was always 60 seconds in set-filter-list task

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.7.2 (Maintenance Release – August 6, 2018)

Added option to set dynamic date and daterange values to filters and parameters
Added ‘At Least One Row’ scope into Assert Data Rules
Tableau Server 2018.2 compatibility
Built-in Rollbar integration
*|TESTED_VIZZES|* merge tag is now available in integration templates
Added option to Enable/Disable tests in project
Added ‘Save Project As…’ option to project
Assert Data Rules task is now saves the underlying data as excel when used it with formula validation
Added ‘View Report in Browser’ button to reports to open it with external browser

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.7.1 (Maintenance Release – July 24, 2018)

Fixed issue when image comparison in Cross-Environment test did not run correctly.

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.7 (June 5, 2018)

Fixed issue when custom JDBC driver not load
Fixed issue when password with special characters generated invalid XML and Kinesis could not login to Tableau
Fixed issue when Tableau site selection page was not detected correctly in 2018.1
Unpacked extensions for Chrome driver not required any more