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Kinesis CI 1.4 offers ground breaking new features and enhancements of functionality, including simulating User InteractionsPerformance Testing, advanced Filter Validation, enhanced options for Data Validation rules and compatibility with Single Sign-On systems.

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Simulate User Interactions

New Feature - Select Marks
Select Marks

Simulate user interactions, test filter actions with the new Select Marks task. This feature enables you to test interactivity on your Tableau Dashboards, by automatically selecting marks and simulating filter actions.

You can test the data or the layout after automatically interacting with your viz, to make sure it works as expected on any of your Tableau views.

You can easily design your Select Marks tests with a few clicks, selecting columns directly from your Tableau workbooks. There is no need to write lengthy CSS scripts or record actions.

Test the Performance of your Tableau Server

New Feature - Performance Testing
Performance Testing

Drive load to your Tableau Server automatically and assess response time based on Apdex score, Performance Goal and Availability Goal

Performance testing in Kinesis CI enables you to load test your Tableau Server and measure response time against SLA requirements, in your own environment.

Determine capacity needs and accelerate long testing efforts for server upgrades and new releases, and ensure SLA requirements are met at all times.

Performance test results are displayed on detailed charts to give you all the insight you need.

Validate Filters

Advanced Filter Setting and Assessment
New Assert Filter Equals and Enhanced Set Filter Tasks

Assert filter values against expected ones when opening Tableau Views or after setting new filters. The new Assert Filter Equals task enables you to test the existence of your filters and also the actual filter values when opening views on your Tableau Server.

In Set Filter tasks, you can now specify target worksheets when setting Filters to cover cases when specific filters belong to specific views, giving you a range of testing options when working with Filters in Tableau.

You can now design your Filter tests with a few clicks, with a Search button to select filters directly from your Tableau workbooks.

Enhanced set-up and management of tests and tasks

Duplicate and rename Tests and Tasks
Better User Experience

You can now duplicate any test or task in Kinesis CI with a click, saving time when setting up your test cases. In a number of test cases quite often a similar sequence of tasks is implemented. Copying the tests or tasks can make setting up multiple tests a lot faster.

Easy renaming of tests and editing description can help you manage your test cases more efficiently and the new, animated task cards help you track the progress of your test runs on screen.

More Data Options for Data Validation Rules

Validate all data columns behind a Viz
Improved Assert Data Rules

The enhanced Assert Data Rules task enables you to run data validation rules for all columns behind a Tableau worksheet. This gives you more options to test your data and make sure your dashboards are reliable.

You can easily set up tests cases on the data displayed on your Tableau workbooks. Combine Assert Data Rules with other Kinesis CI tasks, such as Filters or Parameters to give you a better understanding if the data is correctly displayed on your Tableau Server and your calculations, filter and parameter settings work as expected.

Single Sign-On Improvements

Record and store Single Sign-On cookies easily

Embedded browser in Kinesis CI

Work with SAML Single Sign-On systems easier with an embedded browser in Kinesis CI that records and stores SSO cookies when logging in through your SSO system.

You can now use Search functions in Kinesis CI when setting up your test cases, to find worksheets to open, filters and data to test even if your company uses an SSO system for Tableau Server.

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Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.4.6 (Maintenance Release)

Added Drive Browser (SSO) Task, to provide a template to automate login through the most common SSO login screens
Added a Select Marks task to enable users to simulate interactions and click marks on their Tableau visualisations
Fixed an issue when logged in as a different user when Active Directory and auto login is enabled
Improved column retriever search button to find columns from every worksheet on a dashboard

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.4.5 (Maintenance Release)

Improved Tableau Object Browser – Added Projects to the hierarcy, detailed progress bar, sorted objects
Fixed an issue when sometimes not every object was visible in the Tableau Object Browser modal
Fixed an issue when sometimes filters in Tableau Object Browser were not working correctly
Added detailed progress bar to Tableau Importer modals
Fixed an issue when sometimes the spinner was stuck in the Tableau Importer modal
Added option to configure WebDriver and HTTP ports
Fixed issue when cannot duplicate tests multiple times

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.4.4 (Maintenance Release)

It is now possible to run test cases with different locale settings
Fixed an issue when sometimes cannot download data from Tableau Server with SSL through the UI

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.4.3 (Maintenance Release)

Import Data dialog is now able to select a specific worksheet if the target view is a dashboard with multiple worksheets
Fixed an issue when the REST api client didn’t work correctly with Active Directory and user with not case sensitive spelling
Fixed an issue when cannot login to Tableau with Active Directory when Automatic logon is enabled
Fixed an issue when test runner didn’t stop correctly with multiple JRE installations
Fixed an issue when not every object was visible in the Tableau Object browser modal
Assert Data Equals, Assert SQL Equals, Assert Data Rules: Target search buttons are now looking for worksheets and not views
Added optional development mode window to help debugging

Issues Resolved – Kinesis CI 1.4

New commands in Drive Browser Task: isHTMLContains, isTextContains, isPresent and checks if an element exists on the page and the value is as expected
Improvements in the screenshot functionality – sometimes screenshot was taken too early and resulted pictures with missing Tableau items
Fixed issue when sometimes cannot login to Tableau Online
Fixed issue when sometimes cannot login to Default site
Fixed issue when documents could not be downloaded from tableau Server with Self-Signed SSL certifications
Drive Browser Command: Fixed Switch-to-Frame and Switch-to-Window commands
Drive Browser Command: Pause command max-wait is increased to 60 seconds
Fixed Settings button when it was not available from the main menu or by shortcut
Added Tableau 10.3 REST API (2.6) support
Show version number in run console