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What's new?

Kinesis CI 1.3 offers new features and enhancements of functionality, including connection with database solutions though any JDBC driver, compatibility with Single Sign-On systems through custom webdriver commands and easy set-up of data validation rules.

The new Kinesis CI 1.7 is out – See What’s New

Connect to a wide range of data solutions

Test underlying data from widely used databases
Standard JDBC Datasources

Set up tests cases using a range of data solutions including relational databases and big data solutions.

In addition to the built-in database drivers, Kinesis CI now offers compatibility with most databases Tableau can connect to through JDBC connectors. Deploy any JDBC driver into Kinesis CI and validate data directly from your datasource to data displayed on your Tableau workbooks.

Oracle, Amazon Redshift, MySQL, Hadoop, Hive, Vertica, Sybase, Teradata and a lot more are now available to connect to

Run custom commands in the browser

Tableau Single Sign-On Compatibility
Drive Browser Task

Run a range of custom webdriver commands as per your requirements. The new Drive Browser task enables you to test Tableau dashboards with SAML Single Sign-On or behind a firewall that needs extra authentication or feautures custom login screens.

This feature is also useful if you need to test embedded Tableau dashboards in third party applications or even non Tableau related websites.

Navigation between Tableau worksheets

Switch between tabs in one workbook within one Test Case
Switch Tab

The new Switch Tab task enables you to navigate between worksheets or tabs within one workbook.

You can now easily switch view within one test case between tabs without having to set up multiple Open Viz tasks. Test any components of your Tableau workbooks, such as Filters, Parameters or the underlying data on any worksheet.

Easy set-up of data validation rules

Compare data directly from your underlying database to your Dashboards
Assert Data Rules

The improved Assert Data Rules task now enables you to select columns directly from your Tableau workbooks to set up rules with a few clicks.

You can easily set up tests cases on the data displayed on your Tableau workbooks. Combine Assert Data Rules with other Kinesis CI tasks, such as Filters or Parameters to give you a better understanding if the data is correctly displayed on your Tableau Server and your calculations, filter and parameter settings work the way you expect.

Enable / Disable Task Runs

You can now disable tasks within any test case
Disable Tasks

Disable or enable any task runs within a test case, to give you more flexibility when designing your tests.

Disabling tasks can make it easier and faster to resolve any issues with focussing on certain task runs only at a time.

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Issues Resolved

Task cards got cosmetic improvement featuring a new set of icons
Improved deployment provess of licenses files through an interactive form in Settings
Added Publish Tabbed Views option into Publish to Tableau task